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15 essential things to see and do in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands with the most variety of places to visit and where you can find the most diversity of landscapes. Unlike Lanzarote and Fuerteventura where desert and more arid landscapes predominate, in Tenerife we ​​find endless green landscapes, waiting for you to explore them.

The island of Lanzarote is not very big. Even so, to be able to visit it you need several days, since it has many places that you cannot miss.

In this post I tell you everything you can see and do in Tenerife , I add several links to interesting activities and excursions , where to stay and great accommodation options.

1. Visit the Teide National Park

At 3,718 meters high, Mount Teide is the highest peak in Spain . And visiting the Teide National Park is one of the essential things to do if you travel to Tenerife. Mainly, there are two essential things to do in the Teide National Park; Go up to the Peak and do a hiking route through the Canadas del Teide.

2. The Cliffs of the Giants

Los Gigantes cliffs is one of the 100 most beautiful landscapes in Spain. These impressive cliffs are a jewel of nature that you will find in Tenerife.

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The Guanches, aborigines of the Canary Islands, referred to Los Gigantes as the “wall of hell”, as they believed that these cliffs marked the end of the world. Furthermore, the steep shape of the mountain reminiscent of human figures only reinforced this idea.

he vertical walls of the cliffs of Los Gigantes have a vertiginous drop that can be seen from the sea and from the mainland. The height of the cliffs at some points exceeds 600 meters!

The walls of the cliffs are made of dark rock, making this place unique.

3. Teno Point

Punta de Teno is one of the least known corners of Tenerife . At least that was the feeling we got when we arrived and found this place to ourselves.

Punta de Teno offers a beautiful landscape that you should not miss. To get there you will not be able to access by road, it is a protected area. The only way to access it is using the buses that leave every hour from the Buenavista Norte bus station. The journey from the station to Punta de Teno is about 20 minutes and the road is really narrow and elevated.

It is also possible to get there by hiking trails from Masca or Teno Alto.

One of the most beautiful places in Punta de Teno is the landscape offered by its Lighthouse. I don’t know what it is about Lighthouses that we all like. They create romantic landscapes and in Faro de Punta de Teno, it also offers spectacular views of the sea, the cliffs and the surroundings.

4. Meet the thousand-year-old Drago

Although the famous thousand-year-old dragon tree is not yet a thousand years old, it is the oldest dragon tree in the entire Canary archipelago. It is more than 16 meters high, 20 meters in diameter, weighs 80 tons and has approximately 300 branches. The great dragon tree of Icod de los Vinos is a unique specimen.

To be able to visit it you must enter the Parque del Drago. It is a botanical garden of about 3 hectares, where apart from the Drago there is a great variety of native species of Tenerife.

In addition, the park houses a place where wine was made and a sacred cave of the ancient Guanches.

5. Spend a day exploring the Anaga Rural Park

The Anaga Rural Park has 14,500 hectares inhabited by species of fauna and flora that are unique in the world. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2015 thanks to the enormous diversity of animals and plants typical of Tenerife, such as the turque, the pooch or the cardonal-tabaibal. In fact, Anaga has the largest number of endemic species in Europe.

In the park you will find green landscapes, full of cliffs, ravines, forests… they form an exceptional natural landscape on the island of Tenerife.

There are countless hiking trails that you can do on your own or with a guide.

In the Park there are several viewpoints; El Bailadero, Pico del Ingles, Cruz del Carmen and La Jardina. All of them have easy access by car, for those who prefer not to enter the trails and walk.

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6. Viewpoint of La Tarta

The Mirador de la Tarta offers spectacular views of Mount Teide. You will find it on the road that goes up to Mount Teide (TF-24) and from the viewpoint you will be able to see Mount Teide and appreciate the different geological layers of Las Canadas.

7. Cave of the Wind

The Cueva del Viento is a volcanic tube 18 km long, making it one of the longest in the world. This cave was formed 27,000 years ago by the eruption of the Pico Viejo volcano, which is located next to Mount Teide.

Inside the Cueva del Viento there is a labyrinth of underground passages and various slopes. This network of galleries is arranged on three different levels, something that does not happen in any other volcanic tube in the world.

You will be able to see lava stalactites, small lakes and fossil remains of extinct animals, such as the giant rat of Tenerife. In addition, almost 200 species of invertebrates adapted to the subterranean environment now live in the cave, including the eyeless cockroach.

Although you can take tours that include a view of the caves, the best way to get there is by renting a car and buying your ticket directly there.

8. Point Hidalgo

Punta del Hidalgo is a coastal area in the north of Tenerife that is part of San Cristobal de La Laguna. Here you will find beautiful beaches, natural pools and several hiking trails. In addition to the Hidalgo Lighthouse, without a doubt, the most modern and rarest lighthouse on the island.

9. Beaches of Tenerife

Tenerife has an infinity of beaches. You will find beaches of toasted sand, black sand… in my opinion the beaches of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are much more beautiful, however Tenerife offers a great variety. Some of the most popular are; Las Americas, Las Teresitas, Jardin Beach, La Arena, Las Vistas, San Templo, El Medano…

The most beautiful are Las Gaviotas beach, with black sand. And La Tejita beach, with reddish sand and views of the Red Mountain.

10. San Cristobal de La Laguna

The charming city of San Cristobal de La Laguna was the first city in Tenerife, founded in 1497. Today it is the largest city and has been declared a World Heritage Site.

In San Cristobal de La Laguna do not forget to visit: The Cathedral of San Cristobal, the church of Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, the Museum of History and Archeology, the Plaza del Adelantado, some of its stately homes and the Salazar Palace.

11. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Historically, Santa Cruz was a small fishing village that served as a port for the neighboring city of La Laguna, much more developed and influential.

The history of the city changed drastically when the Trevejo volcano erupted in 1706. The lava destroyed the city of Garachico, which at that time had the most important port on the island, and that was when Santa Cruz had to take over.

Although they say that Santa Cruz de Tenerife does not have as much charm as San Cristobal de La Laguna, there are several interesting places to visit such as; the auditorium of Tenerife, the Castle of San Cristobal.

12. Orotava

One of the most beautiful towns on the island is La Orotava. This town founded at the top of a homonymous valley is part of the Teide Natural Park and offers privileged views of the volcano and the Atlantic from 360 meters above sea level.

The historic center of La Orotava has been declared a Historic Artistic Site thanks to the 16th century buildings it houses. Its sloping streets are dotted with stately homes of all colors topped with wooden balconies, which have become a symbol of La Orotava.

The stately airs of La Orotava have remained intact over the years.

In Orotava you can not miss visiting the house of Los Balcones, the Victoria Gardens, the Church of the Conception, the carpet museum, the Plaza de la Constitucion, the town hall building, and above all stroll through its streets. They are beautiful.

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13 Candlemas

La Canderia is a coastal town that houses the cave where the  Virgen de la Candelaria was found. Every year, thousands of pilgrims come to Candelaria to honor the Virgin and enjoy the tourist charms of this city full of heritage.

In La Candelaria it is possible to feel the Guanche origins of the island . Legend has it, it was two Guanche shepherds who found the dark wood carving of the Virgen de la Candelaria while sheltering from the storm in a natural cave.

Today, the traditional ” Guanche Ceremony ” is still celebrated , dating back to the 18th century. The participants, some descendants of the Guanches of Candelaria, dress in traditional clothing and represent the discovery of the virgin and the subsequent miracle.

The most essential place to visit is the Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria. It is a Site of Cultural Interest.

The original basilica was built in 1672, but a terrible fire that swept through the city completely destroyed it. The current building dates from 1959.

14. Mascara

The Masca hamlet rises 750 meters above sea level and is an excellent viewpoint of the island’s ravines. The road that goes to Masca is very narrow and it can be scary to drive on it. It is full of curves, it has only one lane and barely enough space to get out of the way if someone is coming from the front. Therefore, there are few who come to know the Masca.

Here you will find white houses built on the side of the mountain, impressive green landscapes and trails to get ahead in wooded areas.

15. Icod of the Wines

Icod de los Vinos is a coastal town known for hosting the famous Drago Milenario. However, in the town there are also some interesting places to visit such as; the Plaza Andres de Lorenzo Caceres where some of the most popular monuments of the city are located, the Church of San Marcos, the Guache Museum, the Cueva del Viento, the Drago Milenario and the Banana Museum.

It has several cobbled streets, surrounded by low white buildings, flower pots splashing color and a very special charm.

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