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The 14 most beautiful islands in Europe

Europe is home to amazing places and with a great variety. Among the most beautiful islands in Europe, there are the tropical islands of the Canary Islands, the volcanic islands of the Canary Islands or Iceland, the idyllic Greek Islands, the Faroe Islands, the Balearic Islands… There are so many to choose from that it is difficult to decide.

No matter what type of traveler you are (prefer beaches, mountains, excursions, surfing…), you will surely find one or more islands in Europe that will make you fall in love.

In today’s article I am going to talk to you about the 14 most beautiful islands in Europe , all of them beautiful and with a charm that makes them very special.

1. Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of my favorite islands in Spain and without a doubt I could not miss this island. With volcanic landscapes, they combine perfectly with paradisiacal beaches, turquoise waters and good waves for surfing.

I love Fuerteventura because it is a quiet, familiar island, with several impressive places to visit. Are you going to miss it?

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2. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Lanzarote is a beautiful island, where arid and volcanic landscapes predominate. In it there is one of the 100 natural wonders of Spain; the Timanfaya National Park. In addition, it has spectacular beaches such as Papagayo.

And although all the Canary Islands are beautiful, both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are the most beautiful.

3. Balearic Islands

With beautiful beaches, landscapes that leave you speechless and endless charming villages, make Menorca a paradise in the Mediterranean.

The most beautiful thing about Menorca are the contrasts of landscapes that you find on the same island. In the north, reddish sand beaches predominate, landscapes tinted with warm tones and intense blue water.

In the south you can enjoy white sand beaches and turquoise waters, surrounded by pine forests and limestone.

Hay zonas de Menorca donde el paisaje se vuelve mas salvaje y encuentras zonas de roca negra, como en el faro de Favaritx.


Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and a jewel of nature. It is beautiful with its emerald green meadows, its little villages and its charming Dublin.

If you want to get to know Ireland, I advise you to rent a car or a motorhome and drive along its secondary roads, stop at the places that attract the most attention and enjoy this place to the fullest.

Don’t miss visiting Dublin, Cork and the Cliffs of Moher. You can also leave two or three days to get to know Northern Ireland and be photographed with the footsteps of the giants.

5. Crete, Greek Islands

Crete is a beautiful island and one of the largest of the Greek Islands. Due to its location, in one of the southernmost points of Europe, you can enjoy very good weather much of the year. Which makes it perfect for those like me who prefer not to travel in the middle of summer.

It is an island rich in history. It was the epicenter of the Minoan civilization; the oldest recorded civilization in all of Europe.

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6. Rhodes, Greek Islands

Rhodes was the first island I visited in Greece and I loved it. Perhaps it is the island with the most interesting places and cultures you can visit. What it does makes it even more interesting. It is rich in culture and history. It was occupied by the Knights of Saint John during the Crusades. And there are ancient ruins like the Colossus and the Acropolis of Lindos that you cannot miss. Its old town is beautiful, full of cobbled streets that invite you to investigate.

Its beaches are beautiful, and if you like surfing, the beaches that overlook the Aegean Sea are always rough waiting to be surfed.

7. Mykonos, Greek Islands

Mykonos and Santorini are undoubtedly the most popular and recognized islands worldwide. With white houses on the side of the mountain, some blue roofs and a sea of ​​intense light blue waters.

They are popular for being party islands and the most expensive of the Greek Islands. However, they have a lot of history and interesting places to visit.

In Mykonos you can visit the statue of Manto Mavrogenous, Also, for those who want to visit museums and learn more about history there are some interesting museums like; the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos and the Aegean Maritime Museum.

8. Santorini, Greek Islands

Located in the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is the most famous island in the world. Surely you have seen thousands of photographs on social networks.

Santorini’s coastal landscape is the result of a volcanic eruption that almost destroyed the island in the 16th century BC And in fact, the entire island sits on the underwater crater of this same volcano, which remains active today.

The Island is famous for its white houses and buildings, which stand out along the coast. In Santorini you will find beautiful landscapes and beaches that are wonderful, some of them with black sand and others with red sand.

As cultural visits, you cannot miss the archaeological site of Akrotiri. They are some ruins of the city that was buried under volcanic ash at the end of the 17th century BC.

9. The Azores, Portugal

The Azores are 9 volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, which stand out for their abundant nature, amazing landscapes and the sea that is always vibrant.

One of the most impressive places in the Azores is the Caldera Sete Cidades, which has two beautiful lakes located in the crater of a volcano, the result of a series of massive volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.

10. Iceland, a fascinating island

Iceland is one of the most fascinating landscapes in Europe, and it is an island. So it could not be missing from the list of the most beautiful islands in Europe.

Here you will find volcanoes, ice caves, black beaches, boiling water lagoons, geothermal springs, the blue lagoon, northern lights… delicious food and inhabitants who are like family.

You never get tired of the landscapes of Iceland…

11. Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are without a doubt the best islands on the list. Little known, these islands located in Denmark are a true wonder of nature.

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Here you will find amazing landscapes, lakes on the edge of cliffs, waterfalls… It is a perfect place to disconnect from everything and at the same time connect with everything.

12. Cyprus

If you like Greece, you will surely love Cyprus. It is becoming the favorite of European tourists who want to extend the summer, since Cyprus has great weather for much of the year.

One of the main attractions are its coasts, beaches and the intense turquoise color of its sea.

Although not everything is beautiful beaches, its towns are worthy of being known. Small villages, with traditional stone houses and narrow streets.

The Troodos churches   are so important historically that nine of them have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Do not miss it!

13. Capri, Italy

Italy has so many beautiful islands, it’s hard to choose. But if I have to keep one, one of my favorites is Capri. Of course, in mid or low season. In high season it is completely crazy.

The island of Capri stands out for its movie cliffs, beautiful beaches, its turquoise blue sea and its forests and Mediterranean vegetation.

One of the most beautiful places on the island and that you cannot miss is the Blue Cave. A grotto with a depth of 60 meters.

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